Sailing With The Kabakovs

"…Siwa is far from the ocean and no one tries to sail on the brackish lake."

"At each port where a ship is launched (they have included Venice; St. Moritz, Switzerland; Manchester, England; and Sharjah, United Arab Emirates), local schoolchildren take part in discussions of tolerance and diversity and create the drawings that will hang from the boat’s mast. A new Ship of Tolerance will appear this month on Watson Island in Miami’s Biscayne Bay, and another is planned for New York City next June. “Afterward, we hope to move the ship to the United Nations conference on tolerance,” Emilia says. About 300 children are involved in the Miami project."

"The goal of course is the connection to other cultures, and the ship is the symbol. The children are very sensitive to this. Other symbols are the wind, the message in the bottle, freedom of the sea. The children have to know that their message will be heard.”"